Asset Allocation

Our analysts use a top down approach based on macroeconomic analysis and fundamental data. We target stable and consistent returns over a medium term horizon. In addition, we continuously monitor the risk in the portfolio to limit drawdown and control volatility.

Once the asset allocation has been defined, our analysts monitor all the funds and select the best in class per category. This approach allows us to offer our clients a highly diversified portfolio and the best expertise in each group.

We also invest in single stocks or structured products to increase decorrelation in the portfolio.

Our Investment process is divided in three different steps.


Top Down/Macro economic research

Our investment team members share constantly their opinions on the current macroeconomic environment and fundamental data. On a monthly basis, GFG Lausanne and GFG Monaco held an investment committee during which people discuss current portfolios positioning, performances and potential investment opportunities.

Fund selection

Thanks to GFG’s large network, our clients have access to the most reputable funds managers and providers. The fund selection is totally independent and its main criteria are the performance and competence of the managers.

The fund analysis process is divided in two phases:

  • Our tools allow us to screen all the investment universe and evaluate the funds in term of absolute performance and risk monitoring.
  • We also evaluate all the funds based on a qualitative approach taking into consideration the investment process, investment team and risk management.

Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio are monitored on a daily basis and immediately adjusted in case of significant changes in market conditions.

  • Structured products, volatility-linked products could be used to protect the portfolio
  • Portfolio could hold an important amount of cash in case of stress on the markets
  • Volatility and VaR measure are used to assess the portfolio risk
  • Performance attribution and sensitivity analysis are computed on a monthly basis